Watts output

Hello everybody

I am new on Zwift and I use a TacX Flux2 trainer. I also use Zwift on my PC with a bluetooth connection.

It seems my watts output is really, really, really low. Even going flat out I have a very hard time topping 200W, and can’t hold it much more than a minute. I know on road I can easily hold 20-25 kph on 3-5% slope, in game I can barely go over 15-20 kph. I used to only ride during the summer but I’m fairly in shape doing all sorts of sports during the winter.

I tried searching in the settings, the only thing I’ve found that could be helpful was to set back the difficulty on my trainer but even doing that, nothing has changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi Nicolas, welcome to Zwift.

If you haven’t checked the firmware on your trainer recently you should check the Tacx Utility App to see if there are any available. Once you’ve checked for any updates you should calibrate your trainer which can also be done in Tacx Utility app. Often times checking these can sort out issues with accuracy in the Watts.