low watt output

 i am using a tacx neo. no matter how hard i try i cannot get my watts up over 250 and if i do  then only for a short period.


i am giving the session my all but watt will not go high.


can anyone suggest what i might have done wrong in the set up


What kind of readings do you expect?

If you can average 250 watt over an hour, that is not too shabby - not the fastest dog in the park, but certainly not the slowest either. Know that the Neo is usually much closer to real-world numbers than most of the competition. Too many trainers provide a calculated reading with built-in “happy hour” in their algorithms so it makes you look much stronger than you actually are.

On the other hand, if you cant exceed 250 watt in a flat-out, teethgrinding neuromuscular effort of 10 seconds or less, then something is probably wrong. Start by putting a wheel on the bike and ride it outside or on rollers for a while to determine if it feels harder than normal - just to check if it is a busted bottom bracket, pulley wheel or something else that is holding you back.

Thanks i will try that.

i know im not fast but i expect , with an avepace  of 18.6 mph to have a higher watt output than 139

In addition to checking your set up as Jesper suggested, you may want to try doing a spindown calibration in the Tacx app as well. I had a look at your account, and your pairing looks correct, so I don’t think it’s a problem in Zwift.


The Tacx utility does not let you calibrate the Neo (it is intentionally greyed out along with alignment.

I think calibration and alignment is only used on Tacx trainers that where a bike wheel touches a roller.


I find the answer “I don’t think it’s a problem in Zwift” to be annoying.

There are so many reports on here about Zwift and Tacx trainers not being correct.  The answer from Zwift is always “I don’t think it’s Zwift.”

After being SUPER frustrated with the fact that both my son and I (who use Tacx Bushido Smart trainers) feel like we’re always pedaling through molasses on Zwift, we both switched to TrainerRoad last night to see if it was Zwift or the trainer.

Surprise surprise, the trainers worked just fine in TrainerRoad.

Zwift - your communication with and control of Tacx trainers is messed up.

Go to the Tacx support forums and you’ll see dozens to hundreds of complaints of how Tacx trainers don’t work well with Zwift.