Wattage Output

My output has dropped seemingly overnight. I used to cruise at 220-240w and now I cant seem to get above 150w with the same effort…Same cadence same track same everything.

I have updated the firmware on TacX Vortex. And Tyre pressure is good.

Can’t figure out what is going on. Anyone got any ideas?

Something could be wrong with the bike, does the crank spin backwards just as easily as you’d expect? Does the back wheel off the trainer spin as easily as you’d expect?

Did zwift accidentally pair your trainer as the wrong type of trainer or wheel size?

Not many ideas other than those.

Hey Ben,

Both crank and wheel spin well. When logging/pairing with Zwift it automatically connects to the Tacx doesn’t give me the option to search wheel size. I’m on 700x23c.

Ive calibrated using the tacx utility app, and I’m within the upper bounds but within the guidelines for “tightness”.

I just gave it a sprint and cant get much more than 400w and the back wheel feels like its slipping?

Is your tyre a bit wet or slippery/dirty?

Have you turned the tension knob the correct number of times after contact? Or does it not work that way for your trainer? Might need to tighten it a bit more or check that the knob is actually doing what it’s meant to.

Clean Tyre, put a new trainer Tyre on and have tried that as well.

Tightened it up and rode this morning. Feels smoother but still like cycling in mud! Maybe this is my new normal. Ill give it a few weeks and see.

Appreciate your help Ben.