Tacx Vortex big power

I’m using a tacx vortex smart and it works pretty well however during ‘races ‘ descents marked by a minus number on the screen are a real struggle to pedal through. In comparison ascents are easy. I’m finding at times I can generate power of 6-700w at a cadence of 85rpm. I know this isn’t right as my ftp sits around 200w. Can anyone shed any light In this and how it can be resolved



Have you calibrated the trainer recently (using the Tacx app after a 10 min warm up)? Is the air pressure in your rear tire correct (110-120PSI IIRC)

Thanks, Yes I’ve done both but I didn’t do the 10 minute warm up. Will that make a difference?

Yes. The tire needs to be warm before doing the calibration test.

Oh ok that makes sense, slippage etc. I’ll re do it. I’ve also turned the Bluetooth off and broadcasting just on ant+. Maybe that will help to ?

So I decided to change my rear tire for the tacx turbo tire, with a little fettling I calibrated that again. I’m now trying to calibrate in Zwift and it keeps timing out. Any ideas? I get up to speed but the spin down on screen is notchy 37-27 to 7. By the time we’re at 7 the flywheel has already stopped spinning. Any ideas

Now it says successful but in ride I’m producing nearly 778w at 110rpm going uphill at3% and downhill is bloody hard going. Not sure what to do but it’s pissing me off

Do not use the calibration within Zwift. Use the Tacx app for iOS and/or android to do the calibration testing.