Tacx Vortex issue

Hi all

This is a problem of my wife’s trainer currently, and trying to locate why there is an issue. Shes had some seriously hard workouts recently which shouldn’t be and getting really deflated. As in, having to stop workouts as they are too hard having done 10mins at FTP. Unfortunately no external power meter to measure against (but that is the next step with my bike later I think).

So she has a tacx vortex which we have had for about a year and a half. She tends to calibrate most rides through the tacx utility app after a good 10min warm up then also calibration on the spin down on Zwift too. Tyre is the blue tacx one inflated to 110psi. Using the testing dashboard, the numbers seem to be accurate and reasonable against prior experience. Then as soon as we connect to Zwift (laptop and ANT+) and start a ride, it seems incredibly unrealistic. As in I am jumping on and 200w feels like death (my FTP is 280 for record).

If we unconnect, recalibrate on the utility app, then reconnect the problem persists.

This is a relatively new problem, although cannot put a date to it. Havent updated any firmware on the training recently and that is up to date. Utility app is up to date. Zwift is the only app which has had lots of updates recently.

Any ideas? Anyone had similar experiences?

Thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

Hey, did you manage to solve this? I’m having the exact same issue

Hi there. Kind of, I think. Mainly just by persisting with the usual calibration process. On tacx app them zwift calibration itself too