Vortex Smart Calibration

 Hey folks - I’ve exhausted myself trying to research on both the Zwift and Tacx forums and hoping someone here may be able to offer a little assistance. Essentially just got my new Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer for Christmas. I’ve set everything up, and updated the firmware. However, when I go to calibrate on the Tacx Utility app, it never gets past the “Start Cycling” prompt. For whatever reason, the app also stays on 0.0km/h on the device connection. The wheel is properly inflated and is getting good resistance on they trainer. Is there something I am missing, or this just a defective trainer? Appreciate any assistance!

What is your hardware setup (make of: phone/tablet/computer)


Your setup connected OK for the firmware update?

Your intended control source (Zwift/App/Other software)?

Hi Paul - thanks for reaching out. Luckily no more assistance needed. After unsuccessfully trying to get the trainer to calibrate, I figured I’d uninstall it all (to pack it all up to return), but before boxing it I’d give it the ole’ “hit it with a hammer” to see if it might dislodge or magic it’s way to working… and low-behold it actually worked, haha. Thanks again!

Hi Chauncey,

Panic not, the Tacx App is notoriously flakey.  I’ve had similar problems like yourself and many others.

Normally turning bluetooth on and off or quitting the app and restarting it resolves it.

The app also comes up with an error after calibrating, this can be caused by the tension being too slack or too tight.