Rider not riding

Hello everyone,
So my and my dad bought a Tacx Vortex and wanted to use it because it’s getting cold here in the Netherlands but when we tried to use it the rider didn’t move. In the pairing screen it says that every thing is connected but the guy doesn’t move. We don’t have a montly subscription yet is this the cause? Or maybe the vortex is broken? Hope you guys can help us!

Kind Regards,
Rob van Grieken

No, you get a free 7 day trial.

Must be something wrong with how you paired the trainer. Please give us more info. What devices you use to run Zwift, how you pair (Bluetooth or ant+). The more detailed the better.

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What I’ve noticed is that if one sensor isn’t working, they all shut down, even though they report being paired. In my case it’s my heart rate sensor. I’ve unpaired it and haven’t had problems since

Thanks for the reply,

we set up zwift from a laptop and with a HDMI cable to a monitor. We used Bluetooth to pair the Tacx vortex.
last night i checked with the Tacx Utility app on my phone, connected it but when i started to peddle it kept saying 0.0 KPH. same when i tried to calibrate it. I checked if there were any update’s but the device was up to date according to the app. Maybe it broke? Hopefully not though.
Hope this was enough information.

either way thanks.

If it isn’t working with the tacx app either and won’t calibrate, you should contact their support for further guidance. Might be a bad unit?

How tight is the roller against the wheel?

Okay will do that.
The roller is spinning, so thight enough.
Thanks for the help and the effort.