Avatar not moving - no subscription

Hi. New to this so apologies if it’s a dumb question. My girlfriend can pair her turbo trainer, but then her avatar doesn’t move. Her free trial has come to an end. Does she need to take out a subscription in order to sort this problem? Thanks for any help!

Hi @Andy_Golding

Yes after the free trail the avatar won’t move.

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Many thanks!

Hi again Gerrie. So she’s subscribed (although the website says she’s on a free trial that ends 1st October, I have no idea why).

The trainer pairs no problems, but almost all of the time it’s the same issue - the avatar just doesn’t move. On one occasion it started to move then appeared to lose contact and we were unable to re-establish without closing the entire app and starting again.

The trainer is a Tacx Vortex.

I have tested it on the Tacx app and it’s working fine. I then tested it on my Zwift account (which works fine with my Elite Suito) and it was the same problem.

Initially when the device pairs, you can see the cadence registering on the home page but then by the time we get into the game it’s not working again.

Please help - we’ve now been trying for 4 nights to get this to work!

If there is any other information you need from me please ask.

Thank you


That sound like you are having connection issues.

What device are you using to Zwift.

In the pairing screen you should see the power number change as you pedal.

I assume it is the Tacx Vortex Smart.

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Correct - Vortex smart. When it initially pairs you can see the power number change, but by the time you get to the game that’s either been lost or only stays connected for 10 seconds.

We’ve just done a ride where she has used my (newer) laptop and I have used her laptop with my newer / better quality trainer.

Her ride was fine from start to finish. I lost connection once.

So it could be that her laptop and trainer just don’t like each other very much? Although her laptop still lost connection with me so I’m wondering whether there’s an issue with Bluetooth on the laptop.

Have you had similar issue reported before?

Laptop internal bluetooth is not very strong. I would suggest getting a ANT+ dongle (I assume the trainer is ANT+ and Bluetooth) and a usb extension and put the dongle close to the trainer.