RE: Troubleshooting Zwift Issues - Avatar not moving

Hi Shooj,
My name is Eric, I signed up for Zwift just yesterday and I’m wondering if I’m having technichal issues because my membership is still pending. I also sent an email to customer service, but haven’t heard back, so, I thought I’d try the forum.

I signed up using [EMAIL REDACTED] as my ID. I’m technically in the trial period, but used a 3 month gift card to sign up, but have a credit card listed in my Zwift account.

I running Zwift on my 2019 16" Macbook Pro OSX Catalina 10.15.4
I have Wahoo Speed and Cadence Sensors
I’m riding on rollers not a specail trainer.
My two sensors connect via bluetooth inside of Zwift with no problem
But my avatar does not move in game.

Do I need an ANT+ dongle possibly?

I’d appreciate any help you could give me. I imagine with a lot of people at home, Zwift is getting a lot of customer service questions

Thank you very much

Hi @Eric_Kim
Welcome to the forum.

So you were able to pair your sensors in the paring screen, did you check if you see the speed change while in the paring screen.

The sensors sometimes goes to sleep between pairing and riding. You can click on menu lower left and go to the paring screen (or press A on the KB) then unpair and repair.

Hi Gerrie,
Appreciate you getting back to me so quickly! Just did a quick ride and it seems to be working after re-pairing the sensors once starting a session. Although, I now suspect that it might have been because I had my bluetooth headphones connected to my laptop at the same time.

I am now having an issue where my avatar moves too slowly mid ride. It was fine, then all of a sudden I’ll be outputting 100W and I’ll only be traveling at 11mph, is there a way around this problem? Thanks again!

What kind of rollers do you have, are they smart?

Nope, basic rollers. not smart.

Where did you ride, going virtually uphill will require more power to ride at the same speed as on a flat road.

Thanks for holding my hand through this. I was not paying attention to the elevation grade on that ride, so i tried another on the Watopia flat course. It was much more consistent even with starting and stopping on the ride. Thanks again.

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