Help, Avatar not moving

Hi, my avatar wont move. Everything is paired and dont have faulty hardware and the money is going out of my account each month so the subscription should be fine. I tried the help function but just getting generic answers. Any ideas please? Might be a flying zwift set up soon. Thanks

Hi @Sheila_Max and welcome to the forums. Please list out all of your devices and how you are connecting to Zwift, what trainer you use, bluetooth or ant+, PC or Mac or Apple TV, etc… the more details the better.

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start pedaling?

Hi @Sheila_Max

Seems you’re getting no avatar movement in-game, and I get how that can be frustrating. I’m glad to help!

I’m a Zwift tech support agent, so I have the ability to take a closer look at your account, and see what’s going on.

For your setup specifically, you’ve got the KICKR split paired on your computer between BLE and ANT+, but it’s likely best if you simplify matters, and try keeping the pairing method the same for everything.

Let’s have you focus on using only ANT+ for “Power Source”, “Cadence”, and “Controllable” at the pairing screen.

So, please UNPAIR everything, and then SEARCH and make sure you’re picking the Wahoo FE-C option under all 3 of those aforementioned sections of the pairing screen.

You should also check the Wahoo app, and make sure your trainer has been updated with the latest firmware. You can find more information in this article.

If that doesn’t work, then send our team a support request, and we’ll probably need to examine your log files to see what’s going on. You can contact us here.