Avatar isn't moving!


My husband and I are struggling with Zwift this week. Our avatars won’t move. Here’s a rundown of our set-up and what we’re tried:

  1. We both have active, paid subscriptions. Our accounts are separate.
  2. Our trainer is the Wahoo Kickr
  3. We run Zwift on IOS devices (relatively new iphones or apple tv)
  4. We connect the Kickr to Zwift as a controlled (controllable?) power source.
  5. There were other active bluebooth devices near the trainer when this first happened, but they’ve since been removed.
  6. We’ve rebooted, restarted, reconnected, re-everything multiple times.

Any suggestions at this stage would be super helpful. We’re getting really frustrated.

Hi @Maureen_Mahoney and welcome to Zwift. Lots of things can interfere with bluetooth connections. If you search the forums you will find a lot of threads on this topic with lots of possible solutions.

When did this start exactly, it sounds like things were working fine until recently? Can you check to make sure you are on the latest version of Zwift, there was an update recently that refreshed the Richmond course. IOS devices can sometimes have auto update turned off so you would have to manually update them.

Hey Mike,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, you are correct- our set-up has been working fine for over a year. The number of active bluetooth devices in the room wasn’t new either when our avatars stopped moving last week. I paused my ride for less than a minute to shed a layer and that was it, she stopped moving. When my husband tried to ride the next day, his avatar wouldn’t move at all.

We have reviewed several threads but haven’t found a solution or suggestion that we hadn’t already tried. That’s when I decided to start my own thread. We’ll keep looking. Hopefully, we figure it out soon. There’s still a lot of winter left…


Can you connect to the Kickr via the Wahoo utility app or the regular Wahoo app? Try a workout from the Wahoo app and see if it connects.

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On occasion, my avatar quits pedaling but keeps moving along the route. I figure he’s riding a class 2 ebike. I’m still laying down the Watts and those and my cadence continues to display properly.

Hi @Maureen_Mahoney sorry for the lag over the US holiday weekend!
First, thank you for outlining the things going on at your end - that helps us troubleshoot for sure!

I’m comparing what may have changed from your last successful session on Feb 12 and the problems you had on Feb 13. No obvious changes are sticking out on the server logs.

Would you try something simple? Try rebooting the Apple TV and pulling the power cord from the back to reset the Bluetooth. I’m curious if that works for you like it did here.

EDIT: I’m showing you’re running a slightly older version of the game app: v1.0.45410. Would you update to v1.0.45663? My apologies - 45663 is our latest version for Android

When you run it for the first time, you should be prompted to allow the app permissions to access folders on the iphone / ATV. Say yes - these permissions are what allow the app to access the Bluetooth radio hardware.

Would you loop back and let us know if these helped?


Hey Mike,

Thanks again for the helpful suggestions, we appreciate it.

Yes, we tried the Wahoo app. Nothing.


Hey Shuji,

These are things we haven’t tried but definitely will tonight.



I am so frustrated with swift, first of all they told me my phone was to old, after about a year of subscribing, so I bought the latest Samsung phone, nothing wrong with my s7 phone, still when I am running my avatar stops randomly, usually when I am running slow, which I like to do sometimes when my legs are sore. I am really wondering if all the messing around when I exercise is worth it. when it works, I like it.

Why would we subscribe to something so complex, I have been enjoying things for about a year, no problems now I have all sorts of Bluetooth issues. It still works for me but lots more trouble with Bluetooth connection. Just make it work on either apple or android so we can stop wasting money. I am Android, Samsung s22 .