Avatar not moving on Zwift

( Linco) #1

My Avatar has stopped moving. Bluetooth pairing with Kicker is fine, cadence is working but Avatar not moving (no watts). Tried to update my payments but still no luck, any suggestion?

(Paul) #2

Are you still on the trial?

Post a pic of your pairing screen.

(Ahmet) #3

Same happened to me 2 hours ago…:neutral_face:

( Linco) #4


Hey Paul

See attached

(Paul) #5

Ok, when you pedal you see the watts change, correct?

( Linco) #6

No incorrect, Watts dont work but Cadence does

(Paul) #7

If you pair the Kickr to the Wahoo app on a phone do you see watts?

(Dirk Jan Veenhuis) #8

Same problem here

(Daniel Willems) #9

Today zwt stage 4 after 17km power felt down , cadence and hrm were ok
After restarting zwift and repairing everything was ok but again i did failed in this stage.

(Renee Lawson) #10

I’m having the same problem. have shut down and repaired 3 times but still not working. Suggestions?

(Paul) #11

Need a lot more info.
What trainer?
What device are you running Zwift on?
How are you connnecting the trainer to the device (BLE or ANT+)?
Are you still on the trial?
Do you see watts when you connect the trainer to another app?

The more info you give the easier and faster we can assist you in getting up and running.

(Daniel Willems) #12

Trainer kickr core 2018
Device tablet samsung s3
Connected :Ble
No trial
Never had this before.
Occurring as following:first resistance built up on flat course, then power wattage felt down.Hrm and cadence were ok.
After restarting zwift and repairing everything went ok