Zwift and Tacx Neo 2 gearing/watts

Hey there,

I recently switched from the Tacx Flux to the Neo 2. The Neo 2 does not need calibration as they say…but since the change my gearing and the watt output really don’t go together. In the flat, on the big ring and fifth gear with 80 RPM it’s still way below 200 W (maybe around 160), on a 15% ramp I still don’t need my lowest gears and stay in the saddle, and this is really annoying still it does not feel remotely like real cycling outside, it was way better with the Flux. Anybody has an idea? The weight setting is correct.

Are you sure the Neo is paired as the Controllable Trainer in Zwift?

yeah, it is paired and also reacts on the inclines etc. - it just doesn’t feel realistic. when pedaling in the low gears (small ring) on a flat road, the output is 10-20W…

What is your “Trainer Difficulty” setting at? By default, I believe it should be 50%. Rather than try to explain it in detail myself, here are a couple of resources. Think of this setting as a virtual cassette.

This may or may not solve your problem. If not, :thinking: