Tacx Neo Firmware update...

(E inundsiebzig) #1

I had one of the first NEOs out there and Zwift was a great experience with the Neo right from the start…

Today I have done the new NEO Firmware update in front of tonights Zwift Group Ride… Update went flawless without any Problem!

What I found out is, that the behavior of the Neo did change.
For around 170-180 Watts on a flat I had to gear 39/17 > 39/16 with the old Firmware. With the new on I have to shift to 39/14 > 39/13 to get the same wattage, wich is not that good and realistic as before and compared to a ride outside! Anyone else with the same experience?

Is there a chance to make this better?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

I would think (hope) that their firmware update was to make the Neo more realistic. However, as to whether there’s a chance to continue refining it? That would be entirely on Tacx’s end as we just read the wattage as generated by the trainer itself.