Weird feeling in zwift since latest update

(Vincent W.) #1

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Zwift feels really different from before, i saw something about weight being send to trainer, which is probably causing the real different feel. Where before i need to go to smaller gear in the small uphill in Innsbruck, i just push through it now on the big one, watts stay about same, heartrate is lower, so i think its not so hard as before to get the watts. (i am lightweight if that has something to do with it)

(Paul McCombes) #2

Yup - grinding in the lowest gear doing no good at all to my knees. Previously it was comfortable a few sprockets down. Watttage much the same but enjoyment factor through the floor.

(It is a Tacx Neo and if you let me know what firmware you tested this trainer on or a firmware version you know that works then that is something I can look into - “The latest” is not a definite version number.)