Questions / Stuff Ive noticed

Not sure if its something on my end or not… was on lastnite around 630PM CST for an hour… About 9 others in there, but seemed half the ppl in there were just not moving… ive noticed that on all the sessions where lots of people not moving… maybe they are just posing :slight_smile: Also a rider sitting on the grass every ride by the orange finish with a euro flag (might be germany or belgium flag??) Intentionally there… or is this a glitch?
Is there a plan to make the AI riders… smarter so to say?? Got in the draft of about 5 of them lastnite… but they seemto be all over the place and never hold a constant speed or AI power output… Don’t know how hard it would be, but on Computrainer you can tell your AI dummies to do certain things…
Overall Im really liking it… Im doing my regular workout and then riding on here for additional time… can only get better!!!

I noticed a lot of the same things last night. There were 4 or 5 other “real” riders while I was out, but none of them were actually moving. I stopped and tried to see if they every got moving, but none ever seemed to move.

I also noticed some strangeness with AI riders. Seemed like they were pretty consistent on the climbs, but I couldn’t ever catch them even when pushing 500w on the downhills. They seem to have a turbo on when the slopes are negative.

I’d like to see the AI logic smoothed a bit where you could sit on with them at a given wattage. I am riding a “dumb” trainer with a power meter right now, but I don’t really see much advantage to the drafts. I expected I’d go a little faster speed when sitting on, but can’t really see that being true yet.

The riders that are not moving are just idle riders. Currently once you join you just sit until you actually start peddling. There’s no way to get off course at the moment without just closing the software. The suggestion of having a “virtual coffee shop” has been put forth, as well as a “spectator mode” where you can log on, see what’s going on/who’s online/who’s riding without actually getting on the course.