Tacx Neo: No longer precisely synched with Zwift


My Neo and Zwift don’t seem to be accurately synched anymore. For example, when I have road feel on, the vibrations might last a second or two after returning to smooth pavement. Or when I stop riding and my avatar is pulled over to the side of the road, my flywheel continues to slowly spin for a little bit before stopping. I’d say this has started within the past month or so. Any ideas on if it’s a bug or how to fix it?


Have you tried updating the firmware on the trainer with the Tacx app? Is it on the latest version?

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Interesting that you would say your issue has just started recently. I have had my Neo for more than 2 years and it has never been perfectly synched all the time. Some sections of the courses, usually on Watopia, are fine. Others at various times are out by a couple of seconds as you mention. Occasionally, I can miss an entire section of road feel.
I have not tried updating the firmware since it works well enough for me and sometimes updating causes more problems than it solves.

FWIW I have a separate issue on my neo with a huge time lag. it has been getting progressively worse, and today for the first time I felt a lag – and it was big, like 30s – with the gradient too. I admittedly haven’t updated my firmware, but I don’t think this is a Neo issue as my partner has a lag on his kicker.

interestingly, if I push out a lot of power, then stop say to tighten my shoe buckle and start peddling again, it sort of psychs out Zwift so my power never drops.

I agree that updating firmware can sometimes create new problems. In general - I don’t update firmware on anything until I have a problem. Y’alls are having problems that a firmware update to your respective trainers might just solve.

I’d totally respect your choice, but if I were in your shoes, I’d roll the dice on this risk/reward curve.