Zwift for Mac: Tacx Neo issues

My Zwift for Mac is having trouble reading data from and controlling the Tacx Neo.

It’s not reading the right cadence and power therefore messing up synchronization. It feels like the connection between the devices drops all the time. Super weird.

I updated the Neo to latest firmware yesterday, but it works normally with the Elemnt and connected via Mobile Link to Zwift.

Anyone else having this problem?


Was it like that before the firmware update? On the tacx Facebook page there is a warning not to update to the latest FW i you use Zwift.

You may want to try rolling back the firmware to see if it makes a difference. The Tacx trainers have been having firmware problems recently, so it could be related. If it is solved with a firmware rollback, you may want to contact Tacx so they’re aware.

If the firmware change doesn’t help, let us know via ticket. Thanks!