Tacx Neo 2

I have just brought a new Tacx Neo 2 to replace my noisy Kickr1. Having a problem with the resistance, tried to do Zwift calibration but no spanner shows. Earlier tried to complete a group ride and within 15 mins my HR was almost maxed because of the extra effort needed. Going downhill there is still resistance. Trying to push pass 200 w is to hard it feels like the brakes are on. I am 34 level so been doing rides long enough to know something is not right. Any ideas

First off, the Tacx Neo 2 does not require any sort of calibration/spin down. One of its ‘plusses’ is that it measures power accurately without having to do regular spin downs.

Downhill resistance could be caused by having the Zwift Difficutly slider set farther to the left than to the right (i.e. more closely mimicking a dumb trainer than a smart trainer).

As for not being able to put out more than 200 watts, that’s a tough one (presuming, of course, that you’re sure you’re comfortable putting out more than that). The only thing I can think of on this (which might possibly be leading to the downhill pedaling issue) is that your trainer is set on Erg mode.

Also, be sure you’re downloaded the Tacx app to your phone or tablet and then updated the trainer to the latest firmware.

I hope you find a fix, as I have a Neo 2 and like it much more than the Kickr Core I had previously.

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Hi David,
all of Nigel’s points are good advice. I had a similar experience and the firmware update did improved it for me.

I think I’m right in saying that the Neo is very accurate and many users who switch to the Neo can experience a reduction in their output of watts. This happened to me and can be a bit of a shock. It certainly was for me anyway.

My Neo felt quite different from my previous set up which I really liked, however I have never bothered with my previous setup, as I am super happy with my Neo even though my watts are reduced.

Of course none of the above may apply to you.
I hope you are able to get it sorted. Let us know if you can.
“Ride On”

Make sure to use the FE-c option when pairing power and controllable if you use ANT+.

Still having problems, used tacx utility to put my correct weight in, realism set on 100% and all running FE-c option. The steeper the descent the more resistance and going up its the reverse. I have to use a bigger gear going uphill to get some feel and no matter how hard or fast I pedal going uphill the speed hardly alters so must be reading the power output. Group rides have become a pain as I do not get any relief on the easier parts to get heart rate down. I have noticed I am not the only one complaining of this problem.

You need to report that to tacx. It might be a trainer issue.

A factory reset seems to have cured the problem, maybe anyone else with their machine not feeling right should try. Now where is that shifter to change down for hills.

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How did you do the factory reset? In the Tacx utility app or is there a HARD reset on the machine itself?

Try this link: https://tacxfaqx.com/knowledge-base/resistance-factory-reset/

I would add a power cycle to those instructions after the reset and before you connect it to anything else.

I did through the tacx utility app, but you will need to read it up on the web before trying. Some of the graphics where different though. My neo works fine now since doing.

Sorry … What’s a power cycle ?

“Power Cycle” refers to turning the power off, then back on. Or, in the case of the Tacx NEO2, unplug the power, wait 10-30 seconds, and plug it back in.

Hope this helps…