Tacx Neo Smart vs Kickr Snap - big differences in power consistency?

I just traded in my Kickr Snap for a Tacx Neo Smart for a variety of reasons.

I’ve noticed that the Kickr Snap showed a almost perfectly flat line for power in ERG mode, whereas the Tacx Neo Smart oscillates about 10%. The Snap almost always kept me “in range,” whereas the Neo will sometimes tell me that I need more or less power despite perceived effort being the same.

I have played with changing the power display setting from instant to 3 second average and that doesn’t seem to make any difference.

What is causing this? Thanks for any advice and insight!

The Snap was artificially smoothing out the power graph. In reality it’s no where near as smooth. That said the Neo should produce a fairly smooth line. If you’re using power matching then there is some undulation of power i.e. your power meter controlling your smart trainer.

You might want to file a support ticket with Tacx.

I do not think you anything to worry about. The resistance of the two trainers is different. The power accuracy is also different. You’ll get used to the feel of the Neo and smooth out your pedal stroke a bit which should also make for perhaps smaller +/- fluctuations. With Zwift you can display 3s or instantaneous power. Even with 3s there will be small fluctuations when you are riding “steady” wattage.