Tacx Neo 2T inconsistent Power

Hello everybody,

first of all, I recently switched from Wahoo KickR 2018 to Tacx Neo2T. With the KickR I had a consistent power output while riding on Zwift. Power was always accurate between ±5 watts in ERG mode.

The Neo 2T swings between ±20-30 watts. e.g. riding 230 watts in ERG results in shown values between 200 and 260 watts. Even with 3s smoothing.

My setup is running via BT on an iPad Pro 12 inch, latest iOS 13.5.
Cadence and control is done by the Neo, no other devices are paired, only my HR sensor.
As I already read that BT needs the correct weight I set it with the Tacx app. Also the latest Neo Firmware is installed.

Maybe its because I am running oval chainrings, but I never expected any problems with them using the KickR.I know that there are similar issues using a crankset based powermeter with oval chainrings to measure power instead of letting the trainer measure it, but the crankset isn’t paired to the app or anything else that has impact on zwift.

Is there any known issue like this? Or is there a fix for it?
I believe(!) that this behavior [messes]* up my training, as it feels much harder riding the workouts since I switched to the Neo. Maybe because the trainer tries permanently readjust the intensity of the intervall, or so.


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Apparently it’s a known issue that the N2 in Erg mode is not working

I was told the last update would fix this but it hasn’t

Thank you Stuart.
Is it a issue caused by zwift, or is it a firmware issue caused by tacx?
Do you know if it appears in other training programs too?


AFAIK it’s limited to the N2. My Kickr work fine. I only know about as I have a new client with an N2 and his Erg power output is terrible

ok, so it has also impact on the data and also on the power he has to apply. thats bad.thats really bad in terms of training load and effectivity of riding the right zones.

thank you stuart, I hope an update will be released very soon.
Tacx support didn’t come back at me for more than a week now.

We have the Neo 2T and its works fine on ERG. fluctuates about 5 watts +/-. I can get it to fluctuate more if my cadence is pretty inconsistent, which tends to happen when doing multiple short intervals.
the latest firmware I have is .34. I did have a few issues with it when on previous firmware .31 and still have some issues of it pairing on and off during ERG if my partner is using her trainer at same time. this issue started to happens after Zwift’s previous update.

Well, I just got a mail by Garmin (tacx) that says Neo2T fails at ERG and that I should switch for a FLUX2 for training in ERG.
Maybe a firmware update eventually, but they don’t kow when… sad
brand new out of the box Neo 2t