TACX Neo 2T - problems when using ERG mode with Zwift

I have a new TACX Neo 2T. When doing Zwift workouts with the ERG mode selected I have significant power swings (+/- 15% of selected value). These swings are not due to changes in cadence - I maintain a reasonably steady cadence. The trainer takes several seconds to attempt to return to the selected power, but generally overshoots the mark, resulting in wide swings and inconsistent loading, which is not really the desired result of ERG mode training.

However, when I do ERG workouts using the TACX utility app, power requirements are fairly smooth and close to the selected power value. The problem is that using the app gives you nothing but the graph on the app screen to watch, which defeats the purpose of a high dollar interactive trainer.

Anyone out there have similar problems with the TACX ERG mode? I generally like the TACX trainer, but will probable return it if this problem cannot be resolved. Thanks -

Haven’t encountered this during my ERG workouts with the 2T. Though what I do with power changes in workouts is i gradually ramp it up to not stress the trainer and not just stamp the power at once to reach the required power output. By the way how many watts are you doing?

I generally am in the 200-300 watt range, but I have encountered the problem all the way from 130 to 300 watts. I can reach reasonably stable outputs only if I am very careful about the cadence. Since the ERG function is supposed to produce the selected resistance no matter the cadence this is not acceptable. Once of the most interesting parts of this is that the ERG function in very smooth and dependable when I am using the TACX Training app to control the workout, but not when I am using Zwift.


I read from a tacx forums that a slippage will probably happen during a watts surge due to the Neo not having a physical belt but the magnets need a short time to adjust. A smoother pedal stroke minimizes this.

The 2t fixed this. They changed the magnets to stop this occuring.

Make sure nothing else is controlling the trainer. Disconnect everything than reconnect only Zwift. If something else is connected to the trainer it will affect erg.

I’ve not had a problem with my 2t in zwift. Hopefully get it sorted.

I had a similar issue whilst using the TACX app. It turned out I needed to increase the Power % graph at the bottom of the TACX workout or under settings. There may be something similar under Zwift. Very frustrating I know.

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I haven’t have any issues like this, my watts are usually changing around 10 watts above or below the targeted power.

I have a “problem” doing 600w+ intervals with neo 2t in ERG mode. It is impossible to maintain smooth cadence. Every pedal stroke is divided into 2 separate parts and not one smooth round. I did not have this problem on Elite Suito. Is it a trainer error or that is some sort of normal because magnetic brakes?

I got the same problem as you, did you find some information can help you solving the problem?