Problem Tacx NEO 2T

Hello, I have the new NEO 2T since 10/10/2019 and I presented a “Ticket” to Tacx with the following problem; The ERG mode is erratic in both the Tacx virtual platform and Zwift. Through the Bluetooth connection and ANT +. The resistance does not fit the Watts marked by the Workout.
I use Tacx’s own Ant + antenna.
Windows 10, and of computer I am completely left over and I never had any problem with the previous roller, Bkool Smart Air.
Any solution about it?

Do you use the NEO as a power source or do you use a power meter.

Do you connect the controllable trainer as FC-E in the paring screen when using ANT+


Hello, first of all thank you very much for answering my question so quickly.
I effectively connect the power meter of the Neo 2T itself. I have also tried using my Favero Assioma Duo and the error persists.
And indeed I connect using ANT + FE in all sections, I have also tested using Bluetooth and the error persists.
I have also combined all the connection possibilities and nothing has worked.

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That may be a trainer issue. Seem like you are doing all the correct things.

I think exactly the same, I think the problem is the Neo 2T, also the pedaling feels artificial.
The funny thing is that I have been trying to give me a logical solution for 12 days and they tell me today that the problem seems to be ANT + connection, when the problem is exactly the same through Bluetooth and ANT +.
Today I have been asked what kind of antenna I use, which I told you a few days ago, I bought Tacx’s own one that comes with a cable and the ANT + antenna itself. But well, before any news I will inform you, thank you very much for the interest and help provided, You are magnificent Zwift.

Keep us updated,

I hope they get it fixed soon.

Hi Alehandro

We need to echange the trainer

Could you please provide us with the following information:

Your full name,
Your Address,
Your phone number.
Serial number
A copy of your invoice.
We can then see what kind of procedure we need to follow up for the trainer/warranty

If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know.

Kind regards,

Tacx support team

I have a similar problem with my recently purchased Tacx Neo 2T. Erg mode in Zwift does not work. Simulation mode is fine. Garmin support told me they are aware of the problem but have not solved the issue yet. My version of the software is 0.0.32.


Hello do you got a better result with the new update 0.0.34?

Hello Alejandro

Did you get anything new / better with 0.0.34.
I also have tacx Neo2T with 0.0.34 and i have issue with power mesurement in ZWIFT with a large % difference, would say around 10%. And i have cadence issue in Tacx application with FTP test when starting reaching 300w…drop to 30rpm or zero Rpm when i am still turning 85rpm with my Sworks cranks conneted to my gps.

For the cadence, i have ridden about the sensor issue that request an extra metal plate along the crank arm to improve the detection, but for the power…i d not know. If it is not so much an issue when training alone on Workout because the most important in training… it is another story on meetup…power difference is doing a such difference…cannot follow a group of people i am use to ride in real life. I have to find a solution.
Issue with NEO 2T is that you cannot calibrate…


Hi, my specific problem was solved when I returned from technical service. Another option would be to verify from the Tacx Utility application, the personal parameters.