tacx NEO ERG Mode - Training impossible - What can I do?


I am riding on swift for a few weeks now, used Trainer Road before but looking only at graphs became a bit boring.

Riding on SWIFT on my own is not a deal. Works quite well. Sometimes it seems that there is a small delay between the graphical world and the resistance that is put to my TACX NEO, but that is all in all acceptable (others are worse).

What is not usable at all is the training function as the ERG mode fails to control the NEO. The wattage is not set correctly at all. It usually is 20% under what it should be, or, it is very jumpy. Jumpy in the sense of: steady cadence (±1 RPM) wattage jumps of up to +50 watts (e.g. at an aimed wattage of 150w)

It is just luck when I meet one or the other training steps in a workout (stars). 

As mentioned, I used TrainerRoad before, and there ERG worked as it should do. I whish that it will start doing the same with swift too.

Any advice??

My Gear:

  • TACX NEO smart trainer
  • Garmin Edge Cadence sensor (the TACX NEO’s cadence sensor sucks, but tacx know this well enough)
  • TACX ANT+ USB dongle

Are you sure your ANT+ signal is picked up reliable? 

A good tool way to test your ANT+ signals is https://zwiftalizer.com/


I had the same issue trying Zwift for the first time last night (KICKR 2, Quarq).  I had several dropouts.  And even with a constant cadence, the power took a loooong time (over a minute) to match the target power.  I’ve been using TrainerRoad with the same setup with no issues at all.

I ran my log through filehttps://zwiftalizer.com/.  And, wow, lots of dropped ANT+ signals.  It said ‘Yikes! Your ANT+ device signal was up and down like a fiddler’s elbow.’.  I’m going to try an ANT+ cable to see if that changes anything.