Still no full support for Tacx Neo`s. Why?

As per title.
I upgraded my trainer from a Kickr Core and rather disappointingly ERG mode isnt fully supported with Zwift. Huge power swings of 30-40 watts when it should be locked. Structured workouts are impossible with this trainer on Zwift. I hear a lot of people saying thats just how it is. That answer isnt acceptable, ERG clearly shouldnt function in this manner.
Without a solution I think I`m going to cancel my subscription.

Rant over. Fingers crossed someone can solve this issue for me.

30-40w swings should be considered normal. It’s just natural variation in pedal stroke.

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Do your ERG workouts in the small ring and select a gear near the middle of the cassette. That might help smooth-out the fluctuations.

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Yep that`s exactly what I do. Makes no difference.

The power target might be locked but your power that you produce definitely won’t be. Anything that tells you it is is lying to you via aggressive smoothing.


If I wanted a natural feeling ride I can just put it on freeride mode. ERG should be locked at the target watts. It worked perfectly with my Wahoo. Its clearly a software problem that Zwift cant seem to solve.

Your Wahoo probably had power smoothing enabled.


So why does it feel completely different to a Wahoo. Whats the point of ERG if the target watts cant be locked. How can you do a structured workout with wild swings in watts? It makes no sense.

If someone can tell me how to enable power smoothing on a Tacx Neo that would be great.

You should speak to Tacx. I don’t know if their trainer supports it or not, but this is definitely not a Zwift software issue.

So I`m assuming it is a known issue if not a software issue?

It isn’t an issue at all.

We are simply displaying accurate power output.


So why are Wahoos smooth with locked ERG targets and Tacx Neos wildly swinging by15-20%.
Sorry to bang on about it but no one seems to be able to give a proper answer or a solution.

I’ve been using Tacx Neos since late 2015, two original Neos and two Neo 2s. I sometimes use erg mode, although not too often, and my power swings are usually around +/- 5W, +/- 10W at most. No power smoothing is required if the rider is smooth.

This is erg control of my Neo 2 from my watch.

This is erg control by Zwift with a ramp of 10W increments. Clearly the swings are nowhere near 30-40W, not even 10W.

My understanding of KickRs is that they output the target power requested rather than the actual power produced. That’s why you see impossibly straight lines and squared off power changes from KickRs. The Neo outputs what is actually happening rather than what should be happening. But since I’ve never ridden a KickR i can only go by examples I’ve seen, not experienced.


Because the Wahoo wasn’t actually showing your real power.

It was basically showing an average of your output. No-one can maintain a perfectly steady output of power because of the nature of a pedal stroke - in that you are not pushing power down constantly, hence the variations that you are seeing.


If you find that what you’re seeing is different from other Neo users, and if there’s no Neo setting that might affect this (I have no idea on that), then you need to contact Tacx/Garmin support.

I can understand it would much easier to have a smoother power distribution doing that sort of workout as its a smooth workout by design but I bet you couldnt keep it looking like that with intervals and cadence workouts. I`ve been riding bikes for 20 years so I know have to ride smoothly.

I haven`t been able to find another Neo user with steady ERG outputs. The Neo works just fine using their own programs.

No ■■■■!. Of course I couldn’t. But that doesn’t suggest any fault of the Neo. It is the reality of the legs. If you dual record with another power meter, such as pedals, then you will see where the truth lies and I bet it will be closer to the Neo than the KickR, in erg mode.

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Yes I realise that which is why there is an ERG mode. Surely thats the whole point of an ERG mode, the program sets the trainer and you push against that resistance. Isnt that the whole point?