Workout resistance with Tacx Neo

I’ve used the workout mode a couple of times (a couple of FTP tests and a custom workout) and have noticed that the resistance does not behave as described in FAQ’s etc.

There seems to be 2 issues:

When ERG mode is disabled the resistance varies subtly with gradient. I thought this was psychological but on my 3rd workout (today) confirmed it’s not me :wink: Essentially the resistance falls away slightly on the descents so at constant RPM watts fall from say 330w to 295w. I have an activity on Strava that shows this quite clearly. As soon as the descent is over I find that I can get back towards my target of 330w. My understanding is that there should be no change in resistance regardless of the terrain… which is what you want/need.

When ERG mode in enabled my cadence/rpm seems to be driven downwards. I have to really fight to keep it in the 80-85 range when I really want to be doing 90-95. When I start to struggle and momentarily fall below the target power my cadence ends up falling… so that by the end of the section I’m pedalling at 70 rpm even though I’ve essentially maintained the required power. My expectation is that I should be able to pedal at 90 rpm (say) and the trainer should adjust the resistance accordingly.

I’m not sure if the above represents a problem with Zwift, the Tacx Neo trainer or a combination of the two, but it would be interesting to know if others are seeing these issues.

Hi Peter, 

I’ve just tested a NEO and it all works fine in here. Running the latest firmware on for the trainer (0.3.2./0.2.1/0.4.2) (you can check that with Tacx Utility App)

And latest version of Zwift (1.0.10148) (you can see that when you are logging in) 

Check that first and we’ll take it from there. 

Thank you

I’m with  1.0.10147  and no update proposed.


I have been using a Tacx Genius Smart and was having similar issues where I felt the trainer was forcing me into a lower cadence. I was also having issue with incorrect wattages.

You may want to ping Tacx and see if they have a newer firmware you can try.

i was using my tacx neo on workout mode and i can relate to your problem. i also felt like it totally locked my well when i was supposed to do a sprint at around 600-700w, i was not able to spin the wheel at all and it made no sense.

has anyone else had these kinds of issues? 

Hey Guys, was this ever resolved? I have a Tacx Neo and have the same issues. Do the FTP training and the wattage fluctuated also much … any solutions/suggestions?