Resistance changes based on slope despite ERG mode

Hi all,

I’ve started to do a bit more structured workouts and notice that the resistance changes based on the course, going uphill makes it easier och downhill harder.

It has always been like this, but first I thought it was my KICKR Snap but to my disappointment it also affects my shiny new Tacx Neo 2T.

It’s not a huge difference, but enough to notice and increase/decrease my HR with a few beats.

Anyone else noticing this? I’m running Zwift on a PC with Win 10, doesn’t matter if I connect via Bluetooth or ANT+.


Hello, I have the new Tacx Neo 2T and in ERG mode, I have to be the one who increases the cadence and intensity so that this mode works and does not deactivate me.
Connecting through Ant + and Bluetooth. Tacx technical support inform me that the problem is not Neo because in its application (Tacx training) it works correctly.