No resistancve since update

Placed the Zwift update this morning (versin 1.33; 1/26/23), as per now I have no resistance mode - even with trainer difficulty at 100% it feels like it is set at 0%.

Windows 11, ANT+, Tacx Neo 2T. Restarted both Zwift, my computer and the Tacx. The Tacx does react to resistance changes in TR in erg mode, so it does accept commands.

I did check the pairing, and the trainer is paired to Zwift.

This is no fun:(.

Edit: Actually Bertram_Redmeijer , somehow Zwift log me in on my wifes account…

There is an extra thread on this topic. Zwift has broken ERG mode for many users with the update.

Yes, hard to believe. But true.

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