ERG mode with Tacx Neo don't work with last update

(Laurent T) #1


I have a big problem with the last update 1.0.32519 on samsung galaxy s7.

Before this update all work very good with ERG mode. Since this update if ERG is ON or OFF that doesn’t change the resistance. I try 2 differents workout and always the same problem.

I try to download the 1.0.32197 for test but i can’t launch zwift with this version.

Have you any information with this new problem ? Have you a solution to use old version 1.0.32197 because work very good for me ?

Thanks in advance

Android beta Tacx Vortex no resistance changes
(Cédric Richard) #2

I have the same problem ! :disappointed_relieved:

(Barb Jaeger) #3

I had the same issue using a Tacx Neo with an iPad. Worked ok on Apple TV.

(May Wu) #4

Me too. Samsung S9 and Tacx Neo. Not just lost of resistance control in training mode but also no coasting effect when defending during free ride.

(Laurent T) #5

Try again today after uninstall reinstall etc and same problem i can’t use workout with erg mode.

Please can you told to me how i can use old version of Zwift ? Work perfectly before and now i can’t continue my plan cause of that…

I don’t have computer to test so i’m blocked with my galaxy s7 :frowning:

(Christoffer Nilsson) #6

I have the same problem. ERG is not working after the latest update V 32-1.032519. I use samsungs s9 for companion and Lenovo tab 4 for zwift.

(Andrew Smith) #7

I tried using Zwift on Android for the first time today using a Sony Xperia Z5 compact and a Tacx Neo. In ERG mode power control was so poor that I wasn’t sure whether it was working or not. In particular, it struggled to get down to low enough power during the warm up and low power intervals. I tried using a lower gear, but then it didn’t apply enough resistance. After the workout I carried on riding and there was no change in resistance at all with gradient. The app was updated yesterday.

(Tj Krsch) #8

I’ve noticed very similar issues on my Samsung Tab S3 - although not a complete failure of ERG at all. Before the update everything ran very smoothly but now ERG mode seems fairly unstable and it is nearly impossible to maintain a stable power output over a extended perod of time (at least not without several gear shifts and a significant change in cadence).

(Andrew Codd) #9

I have lost control on my Tab S3 and S7 since the last update. I’ve contacted Zwift and they’ve told me the Tab S3 isn’t supported anymore, but the S7 is but neither work. Looks like i will be cancelling my subscription if this is the case.

(Tom Wallner @ ZRG) #10

I have the same problem. I didn#t get any feedback from my neo smart. It seems like a normal roll Trainer - no uphill or downhill simulation or any roadfeel.

(Daniel Styler 7532) #11

I have the same issue, tacx neo with Samsung note 9 , no change in resistance for gradient at all

(Marcus Randevik) #12

Same problem here, updated both the ziwft app, the trainer software and restarted everything. Using a galaxy note 8

(Laurent T) #13

For information i try with computer (pc) and work perfectly. The problem is only with android for me and i hope you solve that as soon as possible.


(May Wu) #14

Same problem goes with TACX Vortex Smart trainer.

(Hansi Lazarus (ZRG)) #15

The same here with my Samsung Tab S2 9.7 LTE and my Tacx Smart Flow… :-1:

(Luke Vahalik) #16

Same issue for me and my Neo1. Worked on my Galaxy Tab S3 one day, did the update, then no love. Sad for sure. I hope they get this resolved!

(Ade Taylor) #17

I’ve also got problems with my Tacx flux since last update, no resistance change on gradients and erg mode not working, I’m using a Huawei p20. Everything was working fine until update.

(Tom Wallner @ ZRG) #18

Is there a possibility rolling back to the last well working Version?

(David Yann [Fra]) #19

same problem neo and galaxy tab s2

(Ade Taylor) #20

Hi, was having problems with no resistance changes on gradients since latest update I uninstalled Zwift then reinstalled. Just been for a quick test ride and it seems to be working again.