ERG mode android failure since last zwift update


Since the last sw update i have the problem, that on all of my android devices the ERG mode does not work - ERG is on, but the smart trainer does not adjust the watts. I have tried zwift with my iphone and there it works fine.

I have following devices:

Tacx Flux smart
Huawei MediaPad M3 light (android)

Has anyone a idea?


I have the same problem. Erg mode doesn’t work once the software automatically updated itself.

Tacx Neo2
Samsung tab s3

From other friends i know that more people have the same problem. What do the boys from Zwift mean, whats the problem?

Same Problem here with Android device. Since last update it is not working anymore.

Tacx Neo 2
Xiaomi MiPad 4

Same here…since the last update ERG mode is disabling during the workout. For me it works about half an hour from the start but then it stops working. If you forcefully stop the app and restart it than it works again for a short period.

Tacx T2900S Flux S
OnePlus 6T

Anyone from Zwift that can confirm this problem? I now need to use my phone with the old update to be able to train.

I have the same issue.
ERG stop reacting about half an hour after start the workout.

Tacx NEO1
Xiaomi MiPad4

Having the same issue with below combination.

Tacx Neo1
OnePlus 5T

Same problem with:
Tacx Flux smart
Samsung Galaxy tab

Hi all. I have a Neo 2 and running via the Android app and since the last Tacx firmware update the trainer is no longer controlling the resistance? Any ideas?

Hey all we’re aware that there is an issue with ERG mode on Tacx trainers on Android, and we’re gathering information here: ERG mode with Tacx Neo don't work with last update

If you’re experiencing any other issues please send us a support conversation here: