Erg in workout not working on Android


Anyone else having erg issues since last update?

I start a workout. Erg doesnt work during warm up interval, trainer resistance is not controled(erg turned on, no other devices connected). erg only turns on when the timer triggers the next interval, from then on it works fine and changes resistance as expected.

These are workouts ive completed dozens of times.

Android. S20. Zwift and os software up to date
Wahoo core. Software updated.


Hi @Chay_Mckenzie

Shuji at Zwfit HQ here. I’m looking at your server logs from August 21 and seeing several Log In several times from a Samsung SM-G986B before I see a Log out recorded. This can happen for a number of reason, such as when the Zwift app is swiped into the background mid-session, or if you end a session without fully terminating the session. What essentially happens is that concurrent sessions are open at the same time, and this can happen on Android as well as iOS and tvOS.

For the sake of thoroughness - what happens if you reboot your Android device, wait 2 minutes to let our server clear any activity, then log in to Zwift? Does your work out behave in ERG mode as it should?


Just tried again with a fresh log in. Same issue no erg until i advanced the workout to the next step.

I tried one of the zwift created workouts, as the others were custom ones id created. But the same issue.

Note. The session you mention. I tried to log in and out a few times. To try and kick start erg mode.

I had the same issue on the 30min workout recorded on the 16th aug.

Happy to try any other suggestions

Today. Update

Erg worked fine for warm up and main workout set.

During the last rest set. 135watts for 5mins. I advanced using on screen button to finish the WO. But resistance was then set to 135 even through i was in resistance/free mode.

Lost connection on todays workout.

Trainer and hrm!

Would only reconnect for a few secs before dropping again.

Help please


Hi. Should i raise a ticket for my issues?

Yes please contact my colleagues at Contact Us - Official Zwift Support | Zwift so we can provide one-on-one assistance. They can look at your game logs and have a better idea of what’s happening.