Erg Mode for Zwift training plan workouts doesn't work properly

(David Musicant) #1

I’ve done about 3 weeks of the training plan with the Android Beta and is been very frustrating. The following issues are all present:


  1. It is very slow to adjust the resistance on the trainer. keeping a steady cadence, doesn’t result in a noticeable change for about 20-30 seconds

  2. It NEVER gets it exactly right. If the interval is for 250 watts at 85-95 rpm, and i hope it steady at 95 rpm (give or take 3 rpm) it will settle in at about 225-235 watts. This is always the case across any intervals, even lower wattages. To get to the correct wattages, I have to sort upa great or two every time AND choosea cadence that doesn’t match the interval.

  3. When switching from seated to standing (as instructed by the workout) it very frequently has trouble picking up the cadence change. Standing instructions tell me to do 60rpm vs seated 80-90, but the cadence will sit around 80 even if I switch to trying a super low 50 rpm


I am using  Tacx Neo Smart over Bluetooth and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

(Vincent W.) #2

Thanks for all the details David! ERG mode is a work in progress pretty much with Android still. We’ll keep everyone updated on significant changes.