Tacx Neo 2T erratic power in custom workouts

I manually create my custom workouts in Zwift, with NO ERG mode.
Zwift is paired with my Taxc Neo 2T purchased in jan 2021, firmware 0.0.37

Issue #1:
When I use a workout, I cannot feel much difference in resistance between climbs at 5% and flats. I would expect to feel climbs in NO ERG mode.
This is why i use NO ERG.

Issue #2:
The power output moves a lot from 10-20 watts every seconds, it is impossible to maintain a constant power and very tiring mentally.
My cadence does not move much, eg 85-88 rpm max.
How can I stabilise the power output in NO ERG mode on workouts ?

No you wont feel climbs if you are in a workout you need to use the incline button on the companion app to change resistance.

If you want to feel the climbs you need to edit the workout file and change FlatRoad=“1” to FlatRoad=“0”

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