Tacx Neo 2 in ERG..power issues

Hi. I just changed from Kickr Snap to Tacx Neo2. All good so far.
I just did the Ramp Test in workouts.and ERG mode was on. I noticed my power was fluctuating +/-10 watts or so of the target watts at each step. Previously, the watts would be bang on the target.
I have attached 2 screenshots.
I have the 3 second average selected as previous.
Any advice??

My only advice is “don’t worry about it.” Maybe not what you were looking for, but I don’t think the fluctuations are a big deal. I switched from a Kickr Core to a Neo 2 and definitely thought the Core was better at holding a specific wattage. On the flip side, I find the Neo much better with responding to changes in power output. So, as long as it’s not fluctuating TOO wildly, my thoughts would be to just move forward and enjoy your Tacx unit.

Keep in mind that at a given resistance level a change in cadence will result in a change in power output, which then results in a need for the trainer to adjust the resistance, by which time your cadence has probably changed again (even if by just an RPM or two). This means that the trainer is constantly trying to react to you. So unless you can keep a really steady cadence I think the power fluctuations are unavoidable.

Hi Martin,

I’m sorry this post is no answer, but . . .
to complicate the issue I have found that the displayed wattage from my Neo 2
given by Zwift fluctuates a lot more than the wattage my Garmin 910XT displays.

The Max and average power etc both agree when looking at my stats later though,
so I guess that there is nothing much to worry about (for me anyway).
(I also use 3 sec average on both)

“Ride On”

I have a Neo and ERG mode really relies heavily on you accurately maintaining cadence. If you can keep cadence constant the variations reduce noticeably. The training modules where you have max power efforts for 15sec really show the antiquated ERG control of the trainer. Just sit consistently on your chosen cadence and you’ll find it less of a problem.

Good luck

I only take the power readings as approximates as it’s just a visual interface used to make the time on a trainer more entertaining than watching the paint dry on your walls.

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