Too much power fluctuation with Tacx Neo 2 in ERG mode

(Harmandeep) #1

I’m using a new Tacx neo 2, and before this, I was using Wahoo Kickr
The ERG mode in Kickr was really smoothening the power but I think Neo 2 is too slow to react to any changes (in cadence). Along with this, my cadence is also fluctuating a lot in Neo 2. At one point it is 95, another it becomes 86 and all of sudden it reaches 105.

This is the power graph (from Training Peaks) for a 30-minute Zwift workout on both the trainers, where the smooth one is from the Kickr and the other one is from the Neo 2:

Any leads to what and where is the problem?
Zwift? Tacx?

(Lin) #2

The first one is realistic. The second one not so much. Why? Well, you don’t apply/generate power that smoothly. What you are seeing is artificial smoothing by the trainer.

In the case of the Kickr, there is/was a setting for a “ERG Mode Power Smoothing”. I think that is right. I have not had a Kickr in over a year. With that turned on, the graphs will look like your second screenshot. The same workout in ERG mode w/the setting turned off will result in a graph that looks more like your first screenshot.

As for your cadence issues, is it you or the Neo2 cadence sensor? Either way, check out the following:

(Sandy) #3

I have noticed the same thing, although much more with the power fluctuations than the cadence. I switched from a Kickr to a Neo 2 last month and there is no doubt the watts fluctuate quite a bit in erg mode on the Neo but hardly at all on the Kickr. I assumed this is more realistic so probably best in the long run but you definitely have to focus a bit more on keeping consistent wattage during workouts. Fortunately, the fluctuations are not so extreme as to go outside of the required zones.