Too much power fluctuation with Tacx Neo 2 in ERG mode

I’m using a new Tacx neo 2, and before this, I was using Wahoo Kickr
The ERG mode in Kickr was really smoothening the power but I think Neo 2 is too slow to react to any changes (in cadence). Along with this, my cadence is also fluctuating a lot in Neo 2. At one point it is 95, another it becomes 86 and all of sudden it reaches 105.

This is the power graph (from Training Peaks) for a 30-minute Zwift workout on both the trainers, where the smooth one is from the Kickr and the other one is from the Neo 2:

Any leads to what and where is the problem?
Zwift? Tacx?

The first one is realistic. The second one not so much. Why? Well, you don’t apply/generate power that smoothly. What you are seeing is artificial smoothing by the trainer.

In the case of the Kickr, there is/was a setting for a “ERG Mode Power Smoothing”. I think that is right. I have not had a Kickr in over a year. With that turned on, the graphs will look like your second screenshot. The same workout in ERG mode w/the setting turned off will result in a graph that looks more like your first screenshot.

As for your cadence issues, is it you or the Neo2 cadence sensor? Either way, check out the following:

I have noticed the same thing, although much more with the power fluctuations than the cadence. I switched from a Kickr to a Neo 2 last month and there is no doubt the watts fluctuate quite a bit in erg mode on the Neo but hardly at all on the Kickr. I assumed this is more realistic so probably best in the long run but you definitely have to focus a bit more on keeping consistent wattage during workouts. Fortunately, the fluctuations are not so extreme as to go outside of the required zones.

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Hi all,
I also switched recently from Wahoo Kickr Core to Neo 2T. I was used to do a Sweat Spot Training session with the Kickr Core without too much difficulty (my FTP, calculated by Zwift based on a free ride with Kickr Core, was 291 W). I dit the SST again this morning for the first time with my NEO 2T and was unable to finish it at my FTP and had to downgrade by 10W.
I have a power meter on my bike (Assioma Duo) and used the power meter directly from Assioma Duo in Zwift (and NEO 2T for the power control).
I’ve read on several forums that the Kickr Core overestimate the power, although this is not what DC Rainmaker sees on its in-depth review.

Do you have any clue ? Should I lower my FTP (I’m right in the middle of a Build-Me-Up) ? By how much ?

Thank you folks.

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I just got a Tacx Neo 2 and also see the power swinging +/-10W as quickly as the screen updates. I don’t think the 3 second average is working for this. Pretty annoying as it’s supposed to be a top of the range trainer. Went back to my Tacx Flow and it averages the power fine