New to Kickr Bike

I just moved from Kinetic Smart Trainer to Kickr Bike and notice a significant power drop. I may not have had my Kinetic trainer calibrated correctly but wondering if there is something I missed in the set up of Kickr Bike that would cause big dip in power. Thanks!

Is that a wheel on trainer? I would guess the Kickr bike is far more accurate and you were just getting over estimated power with the old trainer.

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Yeah old trainer was wheel on. Makes sense and thanks. Guess I need to train more

I’ve gone from a Tacx Neo to the Kickr bike. My power on the kickr bike is exactly as I’d have expected from the Neo. And the Neo was always a spot on match to the powermeters I had on the bikes I used on that.

Power values on pretty much anything other than top end trainers should be ignored! The top end trainers physically measure the power, lower ones don’t, it is only estimated.