Any advice on non back wheel smart trainer?

(Vincent W.) #1

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Hey guys,

sorry for not being able to describe it better. I’m looking for a trainer that runs without back wheel like a Wahoo kickr. I already have a powermeter so the power technology doesnt have to be there or advanced. However the trainer should be smart in a sense that it communicates with Zwift, increases resistance on uphills, etc. I thought something like the Elite Muin would work but I don’t find information on the actual smartness (or if it’s just called smart as it somehow calculates power).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

(Ross Keele) #2

If you want a wheel-on mount format without an actual wheel-on vs. direct drive, you could have a look at the Stac Zero Halcyon. It received good initial reviews this summer, and is currently shipping. I just received mine yesterday, so am still getting it calibrated and figuring things out, since it is my first indoor trainer.

(Jim Escobar Pro Tri Fit ) #3

Really like the new Kickr Core. Great features, very quiet and a lower price than other direct drive smart trainers with power.

(Ryo Misaki [ZWC]) #4

I have 3 direct drive trainers (Neo, Hammer, Kickr18) and in all honesty I think the Kickr18 is the best smart trainer out there on the market. It has the best road feel of all of these on any terrains. The problem about the Neo and the Hammer is that they fail to provide realistic road feel on climbs. The Neo has the “virtual tyre slip” issue and it feels very mushy on steep climbs (and also when sprinting). The Hammer is very poor at handling its massive flywheel inertia on climbs, which causes delayed acceleration of angular velocity during pedaling and thus produces unrealistic feel.

(Stephen Thomson) #5

I’m going from a wheel on Tacx Blue Motion to a Kickr Core which is due for delivery tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing how it performs and the reviews it’s been getting from trusted sources such as DC Rainmaker seem to suggest it’s going to be an improvement.
I’ll post my findings in a few weeks once I’ve got used to it :biking_man: #rideon

(Gunner Rodgers1961) #6

I have seen a Tacx Flux Smart Trainer in a local store priced £699 now down to £450, with a further £45 off if I apply the discount of 10% from British Cycling. It is a direct drive trainer and should do all that Zwift is designed for I suppose. Perhaps this may be a good purchase for you, I would welcome any feedback anyone could give on this trainer if possible.

(Stephen Thomson) #7

That’s a good price tbh. If you’re content with what will be last years model, go for it. The added BC discount is another bonus. From what I can remember as a mid range smart trainer it has good reviews also.

(Gunner Rodgers1961) #8

Cheers Stephen.