Smart Trainers...which one would you choose?

(Luc Vachon) #1

I am looking to buy a smart trainer… Wahoo kickr, Tacx neo, Cycleops Hammer, Lynx Veloreality… Without looking at cost, which one would you choose to zwift and be useful with other apps?

(Jorge Escasan) #2

I purchased the Wahoo kickr core and it works great with zwift, it is very quite, easy to setup and pair and respond very quickly to terrain changes, now I am considering getting the kickr climb to make the experience even better

(Nick Latocha) #3

Would love some advice on budget/cheap smart trainers too?

(Stephen Parker Rcc) #4

Wahoo kickr for me too. Worked perfectly straight out of the box and easy to calibrate regularly.

It’s also great is you pair it with an element bolt. This allows you to train (off Zwift) on your own courses from the road.

(Dave Thomas) #5

The cheapest entry model that I found (at least in the UK) earlier this year was the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ (do not confuse it with any of Elite’s cheaper Qubo models which are not fully interactive). I have had no problems with it and would highly recommend it.

(Ray Ruyack) #6

Best to look here -

(James Robson) #7

Tacx Flow T2240 for £200 at Halfords (or £180 with British Cycling discount). I bought one last month and for a cheap smart trainer, it is superb!

(Luc Vachon) #8

thanks for the link…

(P Eter Venkman) #9

I just switched from Tacx Flux to Neo and if u are looking for the best trainer regarding ‘real world simulation’ and u can spare the money go for the neo. the main reason for the recommendation is the flexibility at the rear enabling the bike to move while pedaling (helping me to take longer indoor rides without back- or bottom pain) and even to sway from left to right while standing. this was really a game changer and the reason why i kept it.

(Nick Latocha) #10

@James_Robson just got the Tacx second hand from someone and I’m having issues. Mainly the connection keeps dropping out via Bluetooth over the Zwift Companion App. Do you use an Ant dongle instead?

(James Robson) #11

Yeah, unfortunately I can’t comment on the bluetooth operation as I just use an ANT+ dongle which I already had. That connection however has been rock-solid over the 2-3 metre distance between the dongle and the trainer.

(Ronald Gorel) #12

I have a aliexpress ant dongle in the pc.
Works great. 10 dollar.

(Nick Latocha) #13

Ok I’ll try that. Ordered one last night anyway.

(Nick Latocha) #14

Ant+ dongle sorted my issues. Works perfectly now. Loving it. Thanks all.