Tacx Neo 2T or Wahoo Kickr

When stock comes in, I’m getting a new trainer… what would you chose out of Neo 2T or Kickr? Or would you chose anything else?

I’m currently on a flux S.

I’ve gone for a Kickr, which is due to arrive this week.

I decided to move away from Tacx because I got the feeling - rightly or wrongly - that more people seem to complain of connection issues from Tacx than Wahoo.

There was one particular issue with my Tacx Smart Flow which ruined a few rides, and this page appears to suggest it’s not limited to just one trainer:

Sorry that’s not a definitive answer - just the process I’ve been through.

If you do go for Wahoo, I found the Wahoo website was the easiest place to get a trainer. I pre-ordered one elsewhere but it didn’t come through when expected and regularly checking Wahoo’s website found me one quicker.

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I recently switched to a Kickr Core and love it. Can definately recommend it.

Wahoo is challenged to keep up with demand and keep them in stock. A few days ago they had them, now I see they are out of stock again. I got mine a few days ago from REI. They are out of stock again. Tough game to find bike trainers right now, keep looking and you’ll come across them.

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The sad reality of direct drive smart trainers in recent years is that they all have questionable long term reliability issues. I’m currently on my 3rd Kickr Core. To Wahoo’s credit, they are still replacing them for me under warranty even though the original 1 year warranty has long expired. Taxc, on the other hand, has been purchased by Garmin. Garmin does not have the best of reputations when it comes to standing behind their products. That might be something worth considering before making a purchase.


I’ll second that in terms of making a decision based on customer support and reliability.

When they were Tacx they were great for customer support in my experience. After it changed to Garmin things weren’t quite the same. My neo 2 broke in November and I still am awaiting a replacement as there aren’t apparently any available for them to send out?
Every time I contact them it’s another two weeks before they’ll get stock, then another 2 weeks etc…

Reliability wise the Neo seems fairly solid but there are plenty of horror stories out there but then there are for Wahoo too.

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Thanks everyone. It’s looking like I go for Wahoo then (when in stock of course)!

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@Tim_White I noticed Wahoo has both the Kickr Core and Kickr available on ther website in the USA. Act quick and you may be able to order one depending on where you are located.

Cheers Joel. I’m in the UK… looks like, thanks the ultimate economic suicide we committed recently, stock won’t be getting here for a while.

My compatriots are a bright bunch.

Good luck on all that Tim. Hopefully they do get some in the UK soon.

We got plenty of our own “bright bunch” on this side of the pond too :frowning:

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Check Backcountry as well - they are currently not in stock, but they were on Friday 01/08 (they had 24 - I asked before placing my order). I was able to get 4% cash back via Rakuten as well, which I “applied/attributed” towards next day shipping…and it was delivered this Monday.

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Just been in touch with Garmin again.

They aren’t due any stock until March.

It broke in November so effectively 5 months to get a replacement.

Anybody considering what to buy might like to bare this in mind.


Thanks Stuart. That’s a real bummer. Sorry to hear it… I think it’s definitely Wahoo then.

I literally just managed to order a Kickr direct from Wahoo… not sure when it will turn up though but satisfied for now. Thanks so much for everybody’s advice.

Got one!!!

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Nice. Enjoy :+1:

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Glad to have helped

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