Used Kickr bike or new Tacx Neo Bike?

Hello. I have been offered a 12 month old Wahoo Kickr Bike, used with no remaining warranty I believe for £2050. I also have the option to buy a new Tacx Neo Bike for £1899. From experience can I get your thoughts on which you would go with? I am leaning towards the Kickr bike but worried about the costs to fix any issues with no warranty.


i would not even buy a trainer mat from Wahoo unless it came with a 2 year warranty

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Hi is that because thing break a lot? Never had a Wahoo product only Tacx.

pretty much. while i’ve never used a wahoo trainer, i’ve had warranty issues with a wahoo element and 2 tickrs, and i’ve had two people in my TTT team have kickrs fail on them in the middle of a race while i’ve been in a discord call with them.

their stuff is nice when it works but for £2k i would personally want the peace of mind that a warranty brings

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Thanks for your advice :+1:t2:

I concur. Buying a used trainer without a warranty is a risky business. Especially at that price.

Thanks. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. Couldn’t justify buying the Kickr bike new for £3k!


You should consider the Stages bike. They are built bombproof.

Thanks. I looked at these at the start of the week as they’ve just been reduced to £1899

Only buy kickr bike if it is backed by a solid warranty.

Sorry Wahoo. Kickr Bike owner here. I also have a NEO 2T and that’s a good trainer.

tacx neo bike . I have owned on for over 12 months now and solid piece of kit
no wobbles and sturdy when climbing and putting power down when sprinting
my only gripe is legs sometimes catch the down tube


There is a flash sale on Stage Bikes here in the US. They are $650 off plus free shipping. This is a solid deal don’t know if they are offering the same in the UK.

Hi David

Thanks I will take a look tonight :+1:t2: