Tacx neo vs Wahoo kickr 😳

Thinking of upgrading to one of these two?
Heard the neo is quieter, but the kickr is very precise, I’m more interested in longevity with regards to reliability! they t’esvery expensive bits of kit so would like to know if anyone has any long term experience with either?
Thanks guys

Have had the Neo for a year, it is quiet (3yr old daughter used to complain about standard magnetic trainer), no reliability issues thus far, am very happy with it.  The vibration on cobbles is quite fun too.  Can’t comment on the Kickr.

I have had both for well over a year. The Kickr has been rock solid and is super reliable. I had to return two Neo’s now my current is making noises. Dealing with Tacx directly is a nightmare. 

When it works, the Neo is nice. I love the quiet, but I prefer the feel of the Kickr. The cobbles sim is not a significant deciding point. 

If you buy the Neo, buy it from a local bike shop that will stand behind it. Do not buy online. 

I have two friends with the Neo and both have had issues. 

I have a neo, no issues and I love it, looked at both this and kicker opted for the neo because it’s quieter.  Regardless of which you buy I’m sure you’ll be happy but like Matt said, I’d buy either only from a local shop.  If it goes wrong they are large and heavy to ship back to your supplier.  

Thanks guys
It would appear that the opinions are divided on there two beasts! I am leaning towards the neo and that’s only due to the noise of the belt on the kickr!
Will take the advice to buy locally :+1:
Fingers crossed and catch you all online (as our typical British summer draws to a close!) lol
Jon :biking_man::sunglasses:

We each have Neos.

Both are absolutely silent. Both started out with a minor sort of vibration feeling in the pedal stroke kind of like a toned down version of road feel. Both had that go away after a month or so.

About 9 months in for both, we have had no problems at all.

We both love road feel.

We both REALLY love them being absolutely silent so we can ride without disturbing each other whenever we feel like it!