Wahoo Kickr Core or Tacx neo 2t

I would like to change my Wahoo kickr Snap for a more advanced model. I’m hesitant about the Wahoo Kickr Core or the Tack Neo 2T! Thank you for your suggestions!

Are you hesitant about them, so you’re looking for some other options, or are these the two you are considering?

If these are the two you are considering, my personal preference would the the Neo 2T. I’ve tried both of them and I find that the Neo has a more ‘positive’ feel to it. The Kickr just always felt to me like the belt was ‘slipping’ just a tiny amount with each pedal stroke.

I’m sure there will be a lot of different preferences here, but the Neo gets my vote. I’ve put in over 16,000 miles on it in the past 18 months and it has performed exceptionally well.


I can’t say a thing about Wahoo other than the ANT+ heart rate monitor works well.

I’ve owned a Tacx NEO 2 for nearly a year now and here’s the short of my experience:

1. No Calibration Necessary (huge plus for me)
2. Solid & Stable
3. Plug & Ride with ANT+ Connection
4. Road Feel is Real
5. Can Simulate the Higher Incline Grade Percentages


  1. Installing the Cassette was Difficult without Chain Tool
  2. All the Spare Parts for the Different Types of Bikes (no instructions)
  3. Developed a Squeak within 4 Months (REALLY Crank Down on the Rear Quick Release to Correct the Issue)

Best of luck!


Kickr Core is not even in the same ball park as a Tacx Neo; a good alternative would be a Saris H3.

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The Neo also has downhill assist which is a nice little reward after a big climb.

Try a spot of grease (not too much) on and around the non-drive side dropout. Sorted out my creak. You shouldn’t need to clamp the bike so hard.

I really like the fact that you don’t have to calibrate the Neo, that takes one problem out of any set up. You can also run the Neo without the power supply, which I think is interesting. (Although you do loose the down hill assist, I think)

Yes! It was a creak, not a squeak. Thanks, Dave!

I have a Kickr 17 and a 2t. The 2T is wau=y abov get no free watts on a NEO. Hard to explaine the Kickr IMO. Less maintenance, no calibration, more realistic feel.

However, I would say that you get no free watts on a NEO. Hard to explain, possibly because of magnetic drive rather than belt, but it does feel a little bit harder. Lost a bit in my sprint too (but that could just be me!) the latest Kickr model will be an upgrade on the 17 I’m sure. The Kickr is a solid performer which I loved riding and I’m sure if you bought a core you’d love it and wouldn’t sit there wishing for another…but if I buy another trainer…I’d be purchasing a Neo after owning both.

Out of interest, if you can afford the Neo 2T, why wouldn’t you buy the Kickr? The core is about half the price of the Neo 2t.

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I have a Kickr Core and am very pleased with it.

I haven’t used any other trainer, so its a totally isolated opinion. Those who have used both clearly prefer the NEO.

both seem to get glowing reviews generally, so I don’t think there is a bad choice, just a personal preference!

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