Ride Quality or Smoothness Wahoo Kickr vs. Tacx Neo 2T

I’m trying to decide between the Wahoo Kickr v5 or the Tacx Neo 2T. A big factor for me is the smoothness or ride feel. I’ve only test ridden one direct drive smart trainer - the Tacx Neo 2T. I also rode a Wahoo Kickr Bike. I really liked the ride feel of the Tacx Neo 2T and like the downhill drive simulation as I coasted down a hill. But, it felt like the Wahoo Kickr Bike with the real flywheel was just smooth as butter as I accelerated into climbs. Now I understand the Kickr Bike is top of the line with an even larger flywheel than the Kickr v5 direct drive. However, for those that may have ridden both, would you say that the Wahoo Kickr v5 or previous models, also had that buttery smooth feel? The Tacx Neo also felt good, but felt like the ride was just a little less smooth perhaps a bit rough in comparison to the Kickr Bike, not actually rough but just not quite as smooth. Perhaps a feature of the magnets as opposed to the real flywheel. Would the Kickr Core also have a smoother ride feel like the Kickr Bike or v5 despite it’s lower weighted flywheel. Another thing that sort of worries me is that the Neo 2T may show lower watts. I’m coming from a dumb Kinetic Road Machine trainer with Inride sensor and hope not to lose too many watts as I can’t really afford to lose any! :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Go test ride a Kickr v5 and/or a Kickr Core. Then rate the trainers and decide how much money you want to spend.

$$$$ --> $$: Kickr Bike, Neo2T, Kickr v5, Kickr Core

I’ve owned a Kickr and currently own a Neo. Different feel, but both excellent trainers.

Thanks for the reply! Did you feel that the real flywheel had a somewhat “smoother” feel to it than the virtual flywheel on the Neo? Is there any way you could describe the feel of both trainers? Did you find that you lost watts when you went from the Kickr to the Neo? If you race on Zwift, do you find that the downhill drive on the Neo gives you a bit more rest on the downhills during a race than the Kickr did? Sorry for all of the questions, just wanted to see if you could answer any of those specific questions I’ve been considering. I did test ride the Kickr Bike, but I definitely won’t be spending that type of money and like using my own bike so it’s between the Neo 2T, Kickr and Kickr Core. Thanks!

I wouldn’t say smoother, only different. After a ride or two on the Neo, I totally forgot about the Kickr feel.

:joy: No, I didn’t lose any watts.

Nothing noticeable to me. I rarely ever coast even in real life. Downhill power is typically going to be “rest” when compared to uphill power in a race. So even when applying power downhill to sit in a group, it’s nothing compared to going up.

Given the choices, I would pick the Neo and then secondly the Kickr Core. Why? I like the “road feel” (think that is what it is called) feature of the Neo in Zwift. Also, the Neo just works. No calibration/zero-offset needed. If you don’t care about those features and want to save a few bucks, then go for the Core. Used the saved $$$ to get the Kickr Climb which is not Neo compatible.