Kickr core vs neo 2t: different resistance, same speed?

I have a neo 2t and a kickr core setup side by side right now, trying to determine which one to keep. I’m leaning toward keeping the kickr core except for one issue:

On the neo 2t I can ride ~23 mph at ~80 rpm on 50t x 18t at ~150 watts (I’m kind of light).

On the kickr core I can do the same 23 mph with a slightly lower cadence, same power but I need 50t x 15t. When I try to use the 18t on the kickr my cadence goes into the mid 90s to keep the same power/speed.

Trainer difficulty is set to around 33% (racing) for both, but I’m assuming that this doesn’t matter when riding on flat terrain?

Obviously all manufacturers try to get the watts as accurate as possible, but what about resistance? Are there no standards with respect to resistance among different trainer manufacturers?

I like the kickr because:

  1. No problem with fitting my disc brake bike
  2. Seems quieter, no whine like the neo 2t
  3. Smaller and less goofy looking
  4. $500 cheaper

But the neo 2t might actually be quieter if I can use larger cogs (with a better chainline?). On the two bikes I’ve tried the smaller cogs generate a rumble on both the kickr and the neo 2t.

Is there any way to adjust the resistance on the kickr so that I can use a bigger cog?