Drivo 2 / Tacx Neo

Hello everyone,
I’ve bought today a drivo 2 to use it with Zwift, and found out later that the feedbacks seemed much better for the Neo or Kickr… Did I made a bad choice? Worth trying to sell it and buy a Tacx/Kickr?
Thank you

I bought a Elite Drivo II and it started make noise. Set Elite an email to see if they would fix it, they said to contact the distributor, the distributor told me to contact Elite. I put it out with the trash. Bought a Neo 2 and will never buy anything from Elite.


personal choice Simon, depending on budget as well. If you want a reliable and silent trainer, go for the Neo. Had a Kickr myself before, now a Neo and the last one is more silent, although, both are worth the money. Elite Direto seems good for Zwift racing…but it’s not a Neo or Kickr :wink:
If you have the money, go for the Neo. If money is no issue at all, go for Neo Bike Smart :wink:

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Thank you for your answers :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,
I bought a Neo 2. It was a big decision for me and I am very happy
with the product. I was really unsure what to buy but I always came
back to the Neo.
One of the main points for me was that it doesn’t require calibration. I
also like the idea that it doesn’t have any internal belts (as far as I am
aware) and that it can be used without being plugged in.

The only thing I noticed was that my power output was reduced compared
to my power tap hub, but I can live with that especially as the Neo is seen
to be very accurate. (Maybe my power meter was reading a bit high)

Good luck with your purchase.

I have had a drivo 1 for about 2 years - no problems with it .