Zwift - setup help!

Hi, want to get into Zwift and will only really be doing indoor cycling. Live in a city with deadly traffic! Also new to the sport. Looking to get into it but trying to find ways where I am not breaking the bank.

There is limited availability in my area, this are some of the options I have found:

-2018 : Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ - 530 eur
-Tacx Vortex - 726 eur

  • Magnus Cycle OPS - 712 eur
  • Kickr Core - with cassette and delivered - 932 eur - Out of my budget.

So thoughts please? Any other options I should look for?


If you want to save a lot of money, buy a (used) dumb trainer, like Tacx Blue Motion and a ANT+/BLE speed and cadence sensor.

Which country do you live?

Tacx vortex for 726€??
That sounds a bit over the top.
I have bought a vortex three months ago for 249€ brand new from a internet shop.

Retail price from Tacx is 449€

Probably because we are in Thailand and imports are more expensive?

Any reviews about the Elite qubo and how it works with Zwift?

If you really want a smart trainer…

I ride with the Tacx Blue Motion since Nov 2018 on Zwift and it works fine.
I don’t need to shift my gears on climbs cause the dumb trainer don’t simulates it.
If you have a smart trainer, it’s nearly the same, except you have to switch gears :wink:


Basically Im now leaning towards that one, the elite qubo because of the price.

Does anyone else have any opinions of anything else? Whether I should try to stretch to get a better option or try and find another model second hand.

What would you suggest for entry level and total beginner to cycling and wanting to start?


How about Wahoo Kickr Snap? Cost more than the Tacx Vortex abroad but cheaper here in Thailand. Or maybe Magene Gravat 2? Probably the cheapest smart trainer but kinda well supported here.

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Hi John,
if you’ll take a decision to go with a classic (dumb) think about taking only those trainers that comes with integrated powermeter and speed/cadence sensors. Example of those kind of trainers: Kinetic trainers with Inride3 sensor. And surely do not forget to check first if the trainer is supported by Zwift.
Since, in case if later you’ll decide to see your rating of races in zwiftpower you could be disqualified for riding with ZPower.*
*ZPower - calculation of the power by Zwift based on your speed/cadence sensors on the bike or trainer.

For the whole “sensation” of the ride when speaking about classic vs smart trainers:
well “on the paper”, different reviews and so on, you could read a full list of advantages about those amazing virtual sensations of smart trainers etc…etc…etc…, but the reality is slightly different.
Most of the riders with their latest 1000+++$ trainers having almost the same ride experience as those with simple classic trainers.
How come? ) Apparently, one thing is to have those technologically advanced features, totally another thing is to use them ). So many riders just disabling the trainer difficulty at all or placing the difficulty between 0-25. By the way, this is even advised by the ZwiftInsider website on their article about races advises.
With all this, a reasonable question should rise: so what is the real advantage of the smart trainer then?
In my own opinion:
_- Cannot see real difference between wheel-on classic trainer and wheel-on smart (with scenarios when the usage is made without trainer difficulty). Maybe the ERG mode…
_- The real advantage could be with direct drive trainers. Less things to do before the ride (no need to check tire pressure, to prepare it, to ride 10 mins and calibrate etc…). Also another big advantage with the direct drive trainer is the sprints. Since in the wheel-on trainers there be always a slip of the tire during the very fast change in the pace due to the type of physical connection of the tire to the trainer: as example, when going from 300 watts to 800+ watts within a few seconds.

As a summary:

  1. If you are really tight in the budget: get yourself a second-hand supported classic trainer with integrated power-meter sensor. (if even this option is out of your budget - just get any classic trainer supported by Zwift and get speed/cadence sensors on your bike - this way is better then nothing)
  2. If you have a little bit more in your pocket, get a smart wheel-on trainer.
  3. If you can afford it , get a direct drive trainer.


Where can I buy it from here in Thailand? Is it a good Smart trainer?

Do you know where I might be able to find second hand trainers in Thailand?


Hi, the Gravat 2 can be found by searching for Onelap Thailand in Facebook. They have prices and stuff. It’s a lesser known brand but DC Rainmaker wrote a detailed review a few months ago, and since it’s lesser known they seem to be willing to give demos, but they always use their own software. Wahoo trainers with clearly marked prices can be found at TSM. As for second hand, try searching in or

I think the prices you wrote on the top post seem a bit high, but I don’t really have experience with a lot of trainers. As you said, deadly traffic. And oh, I’m not affiliated with any of these brands.

I want to register with thaimtb but its all in thai and when I use google translate I can understand but there is a spam question and it says what year is it and when I write 2019 it give me an error so I can’t register.

I would like to register to ask if anyone is selling second hand smart trainer.

The cheapest I have found is this one: 2018 : Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ for 15200 Baht so 424 eur more or less.
The Kickr Snap is a little pricier…20000 baht

Between those two which one does everyone recommend also working with zwift.


hi gravat 2 29000 baht? a bit expensive no?

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The Gravat 2 is direct drive. Isn’t that pretty cheap?

Oh, the year is 2562.

So I am as confused as ever.

What should I do! I want to get on zwift and get into cycling.

The direct drive trainers are just too expensive, especially because I also need to buy a bicycle!

I suppose I could stretch for a gravat 2 maybe even a kickr core. However I would then need to buy a bicycle and just seems too much to try!

How about from the other smart trainers, wheel on trainers: Which one do you recommend?
The elite qubo
The kickr snap

Now I am between the Elite qubo which is the cheapest or the kickr snap?

Between these two?


The Kickr Snap is better cause the reported power should be quite accurate.
The Elite Qubo has to be calibrated with a power meter or it reports your watts with +/- 50%

The Kickr Snap is here at 599€, the Elite is at 250€.

I got my Blue Motion for 80€, so plus speed and candence sensors I paid 100€.
If you’re really on a tight budget, think about it, before getting a smart trainer.
Also you can buy the cheapest bike, if you’re really not riding it outside.