Help a noob pick a 1st smart trainer

(Craig Beam) #1

Hi - I am looking to get my wife and I a Zwift setup for Christmas. I want to get a Smart Trainer, but there are so many listed, Im not sure where to start? Here is some background info…

We are both exercise enthusiasts, but novice bike riders (not many good/safe places to ride around us).

I am 6ft and 185lbs, my wife is shorter and lighter :slight_smile:

We will have a dedicated bike for this.

I like the idea of it being attached to the sprocket rather than being on a roller, but these look to be much more expensive?

I’d like to get the best bang for the buck, but want to have all the important features.

Any advice is appreciated and Im happy to answer any additional questions.


(Finlay red Stig | JRA Cyc) #2

Start here: 

He has a ton of good info and isn’t really preferential to one brand over another. It’s where I started (I ended up with a Kickr Snap but I’ve read potentially good things about the Cycleops Magnus - which isn’t out yet).

I used to hate trainer rides but switching to a smart trainer and apps like Zwift (and bkool) I have found a new way not to hate riding inside during our lovely New England winters.


(Craig Beam) #3

Perfect, thanks. Exactly what I was looking for. 

(Ray Ruyack) #4

One he keeps leaving out for some reason is my choice and sponsor, Computrainer.  You’ll never see a rider on one on Zwift lose ant+ or Bluetooth and get kicked out of a ride.

(Craig Beam) #5

Going to go with the Tacx T2180. Looks to be the least expensive model with automated control ($345 w/ shipping from Euro retailer). Now I need a dedicated bike to pair with it. Any suggestions on models or where to look on-line for a leftover or discontinued models that can be bought at a discount? Price range is probably $250-$300 (just looking for something entry level).