Equipment for a Beginner

Hey Zwifters,

im trying to get into Zwift, but Id need a Setup to do so.
Since im completely new to it, Im looking for a decent, but budget version of a smarttrainer.

Ive found some “fair” offers on the 2nd hand market, but no idea if these trainers are any good.

  1. Trainer: Tacx Vortex T2180 ~250€
  2. Trainer: BKool Pro ~300€
  3. Trainer: Elite Rampa ~250€
  4. Trainer CycleOps Fluid 2 ~200€

Additional Info: I only do own a MTB, so id have to switch the back wheel to be able to zwift i guess?

What trainer would u recommend or is there a better one at this prize range?

Looking forward to get some good tipps.


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I’d suggest reading DCRainmaker’s 2018 smart trainer recommendations article.

Here’s a link to my response to a similar question:

Just another question: When it comes down to different bikes.
Im looking for a cheap road bike.
For Training purposes, is an old vintage road bike with “only” 10 gears enough to have some good Zwift sessions? Sorry for this proper stupid question but im completely clueless :S

You’ve included only wheel-on trainers in the list you’re considering so I assume you’re not asking about direct drive trainers. With a wheel-on trainer, any bike will do. A cheap second-hand bike will work fine. For best results you should follow the trainer manufacturer’s recommendations for tire size and pressure.

Ive just found this old 2nd hand road bike. I hope that i am allowed to post links in here?

Using a bike like this with “only” 10 gears and a decent smart trainer - is this a decent starter setup?

That looks like a sweet ride. I love steel frames.

I would think that bike will work fine with the trainers you’re looking at.

I have 22 gears and i use them all! would recomend a lot more than10 gears for a good setup,going up the steaper climbs you will need them😀

Thanks guys for your anwer.
I recently found some more options. What bike would you recommend from all of the ones mentioned?

Bike 1: Radon Boa Equipe - Price: 400 fair?

Bike 2: COLNER Colnago Enesto

Bike 3: Bianchi Vento 504

I already mentioned that I have no clue but considering the fact that the Radon Boa costs about 1000€ new, I think this would probably be the best price/value?