Bike purchase

I’m keen to purchase a bike and trainer so I can get setup on zwift. I’m looking to spend around £400-600 on a bike - any suggestions please?

Hi @James_Shepherd welcome to Zwift forums!

You may find this article helpful to guide you to a bike and trainer suited to your needs.

Something you may or may not know is that the ongoing quarantine measures have put a crunch on bike and trainer supply all over the world. If you let us know what country / region you’re in, perhaps someone here can guide you to a store / etailer to find some gear?

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Hi Shuji

I’m based in the Uk - if you could suggest good store/ retailer that would be great

I’m in the US, so I’m not the best guy to give insight. Hoping that some of our UK friends here can suggest a place besides “try your local bike shop” :smiley:

Hi James, I can’t give you a specific make or model but I would recommend you think about how you might want to use Zwift.
As you know the cost of bikes and trainers vary greatly and If you think you might want to get into Zwift racing then you might consider spending a bit more (ok a lot more) to get a direct drive trainer which is quieter and more accurate. If you want to train, ride, and do group rides on Zwift then a wheel on trainer would work for you. There are two types of wheel on trainers, dmb and smart. To get the full Zift experience you want a smart trainer.
You can still race on a wheel-on-trainer, a lot of people do, but you’ll need to keep an eye on tire pressure and roller resistance. Make sure whatever trainer that you decide on is recognized by Zwift. Perhaps in this Covid time you can find a used wheel on trainer since many people are upgrading to direct drive.
Regarding bikes, an 11 speed would be optimal and of course picking one up that fits you is the most important thing. If you only want a trainer bike then weight and aerodynamics are not important so a used road bike might also work out for you.

Hi Bob,

Id like to get into the races. I don’t mind spending around £1,000 for a smart trainer. Regarding bikes I’ll look at 11 speed bikes to see what options there are

Are you going to ride outside or only on Zwift?

Ideally wanted to a bike to ride outside. The challenge is I have two small kids so ideally wanted a bike I could use outside to go cycling with the children and one which I can use on a smart trainer. So ideally I’m probably after a hybrid bike

If you’re willing to spend £1000 then you may have some more joy with finding one in stock. For instance the Tacx Neo 2 is in stock at Wiggle now which is probably one of the best trainers you can buy. I’d be quick though as stock definitely doesn’t last long these days

Thanks Simon. Just need to look for a good hybrid bike as well. Thank you