Trainer Bike Opinions

Hi guys,

Brand new here and have little experience in cycling. So apologies if I’m in the wrong place.

I’m looking at getting into cycling, however the big outdoors scares me, I’m a driver and drivers scare me, plus I’ve had a good few friends now having serious incidents.

So I want to get an indoor bike to start on, and have stumbled across Zwift and it looks like it’s actually fun, as well as healthy.

I’ve had a look around the webs for a while now and seen spinning bikes, trainers, and the top end trainer bikes.

At first I thought I may be happy just getting a little spin bike and that would keep me happy, however I do feel motivation would drop quickly and excuses would pile up. And so would want it to integrate with Zwift as much as possible, so would need to get power metres? And maybe other sensors? To get a better experience.

So I’m looking for peoples opinions on where they would they spend their money if you in my shoes.

Guessing my options are?
Spin bike + sensors
Actual bike + a trainer
Fancy trainer bike, watt bike, tacx bike, stages, kickr bike

Where would you spend your money?

The fancy trainer bikes seem the most appealing to me tbh, however they are a hefty price, but my partner said she will use it too. But really struggling to justify £3k for the Kickr, but the immersive experience is tempting.

Or is the next gen wattbike much better value for £2k, that’s a hefty saving, although it’s a 15 week wait.

So opinions please :slight_smile:

Whatever it is, I’m going to clear out the garage and set it up in there, alongside a spare 2009 spec PC and 30” tv for the full experience. Ant+ and BT Dongles will be bought when required.

Just to mention I don’t own a bike, but I do have a fenix 5 and scosche rhythm+ hr if that changes your opinion in anyway.

I am also currently recovering from my 9th knee operation in nearly as many years, so it’s going to mainly help with my rehab and getting into shape, and who knows maybe a cheeky race when I’m ready for it this time next year maybe :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

With two users a Smart bike is probably a better choice especially since you don’t own a bike. The price is hefty but switching between users is fast. I purchased a Stages bike and am very happy with it. If I had to make the decision over again it would be the same. Started out with a Saris H3 and two ancient mountain bikes. I put 2,000 km on it and then my wife decided she wanted to ride. In short order she decided to purchase the Stages. Her reasoning the low step over height, no bar with potential rubbing in between the thighs and finally Stages skill at building fitness bikes.

Cheers David :+1:

As the stages is close price wiser to the Kickr Bike, the tilting aspect seems to really appeal to me, and most reviews say they were surprised with how it’s not just a gimmick.

Is there any reason you didn’t want to go for the Kickr Bike? Was is just the step over and rubbing? Which are genuine reasons in my eyes, especially the rubbing which does scare me a little.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


Stages builds bikes for Spin studios that are used many hours each and every day. We expected to receive a rock solid bike that was built to last and that is what was delivered. Wahoo gets high marks for the shifting on the Kickr bike. Stages Dream drive shifting is really great to use as well.

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Reliability with the smart bikes would be my primary concern. None of them have been out for very long. If they have a problem, only the manufacturer can help you, and shipping the bike is going to be immensely expensive.

Whereas on a bike + trainer, all the bike parts can be fixed by any bike shop, and the trainers have been out for years and reliability is more known. They’re hard to ship but not as impossible as a smart bike.

Also with a smart bike, you are locked into the features of that smart bike; but you can add stuff to a bike + trainer combo. You can add a Kickr Climb or Elite Sterzo to a normal bike; you can’t add either to a Stages bike.

Having two people share a smart bike would be a good reason to get one though, but it doesn’t change any of the issues above.

Stages has already delivered the necessary info to Zwift to add steering to the SB20 via two buttons. Service is handled by firms who already repair Stages studio bikes.

Cheers for your thoughts :slight_smile: the reliability is a concern with me, especially at the price they are.

But to get the kickr and the climb, and a new bike, you can get into the 2k price easily. With this in mind I’m thinking of going for a fixed bike option.

But still not totally convinced yet :slight_smile: